• Deep Cleansing wash with luxurious shampoo - specific to coat type
  • Conditioner application if applicable
  • Eye and Ear cleansing
  • Thorough comb and brush (de-matting will incur an additional charge)
  • Fluff dried (no cabin dryers)
  • Coat styled in line with breed standard or to your requirements
  • Hand-stripping (additional charges are applicable as per price list)
  • A spritz of cologne
  • Loyalty Card


(Puppies are welcome after all vaccinations have been completed. Your new puppy will benefit from the sounds and smells of the grooming salon from an early age)

  • Brush familiarisation
  • A relaxing puppy wash
  • A gentle blow dry
  • Puppies to be under 6 months to benefit from complimentary treatment

With a puppies first groom it’s a case of what we can do opposed to what you may want, your puppies early experiences will give a lasting impression for grooming ahead, so a happy experience is very important.

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