My dog’s nails don’t appear short enough?
There is a vein inside the nail, more commonly known as the ‘quick’ if cut it will bleed, when cutting the nail I look at the cross section which gives the best view of the vein, thus reducing the chances of cutting in to the ‘quick’. I will intentionally cut in to the ‘quick’ even if it means the nails will be left longer.

My dog has just been spayed/neutered, should I still bring it to be groomed?
We recommend that dogs are allowed to recover fully before they are groomed. This is normally a little longer for girls, but on average at least 3 weeks after the operation. Always consult your vet if at all unsure.

My bitch is in season, should I still bring her for a groom? My dog’s nails don’t appear short enough?
We recommend bitches in season are left until they have finished their season. This is normally 17 days after you first notice that she is in heat. This is due to bitches being more sensitive at this time.

What if I don’t like my dog’s new haircut?
Please just let me know. I keep a detailed record of how I style your dog, I can only change it if you give me feedback. Due to a dogs coat condition I may have had to cut a lot shorter than you prefer but I am happy to give advice to prevent this happening again. I want you to have exactly what you want.

Should I walk my dog before or after his grooming appointment?
A little walk before your dog’s appointment is helpful so that they can relieve themselves. Long walks before an appointment are not necessary so they don’t become tired during a groom. The grooming process opens your skin pores so can temporarily leave your dog more susceptible to skin infections, so a wander in your own garden is recommended. Most dogs are tired after their grooming treatments so a quiet, relaxing evening is in order.

How will I know when my dog is ready?
I will give you a rough guide of anticipated length of appointment but will ring you approx. 30 mins before your pet is ready for collection. I do try and brush my dog between visits and he still gets Matts? A lot of dogs are prone to matting in specific areas e.g. where harnesses have been, around the collar area, under paws and under arm pits. These areas are difficult to groom. Here at the alon we have equipment to assist with this.

Should I bath my dog between visits to the groomer, 8 weeks seems a long time without a bath?
Yes of course, but please make sure he is fully dried and brushed well to minimise Matts, Don’t hesitate to all me if you require a mid-way groom, it will be discounted from your full groom. How long does a groom take? Generally between 90 mins and 2 hours. However, it is dependent on size of dog and condition of coat. I will give you a guide when you drop your dog of.

How often should my dog visit the groomer?
This will depend on the breed of dog and how much time you spend grooming your dog at home. As a general rule most breeds should be washed and have their nails clipped at least every 12 weeks to keep the skin and coat healthy, but many breeds with longer coats should be seen more regularly to prevent matting and keep the coat in tip top condition.

Does grooming elderly dogs take longer?
It is very likely that the grooming of your older pet will take longer, to ensure comfort is maintained during the grooming process, lots of rests will take place throughout each stage.

What kind of products do you use?
Wildwash - Shampoos, Conditioners and fragrances100%
Natural - NO Parabens = Made with 100% Pure Essential Oils – PH balanced products suited to your pets skin. Vet approved. The base of the shampoo is made from soybean oil with all its conditioning and anti-irritant benefits. Neem Extract has been added for its anti -inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Neem fights dandruff and calms skin problems, leaving a clean, shiny lush coat, whilst been a natural deterrent against fleas, mites, ticks and mange. Any other grooming products used will be of the highest grade ensuring your pet only receives the best treatment.

Can I stay whilst you are grooming my dog?
Having mum / dad around whilst your dog is been groomed can cause them unnecessary stress as it tends to distract your dog as you are your ‘pets best friend’ Whilst grooming I use sharp equipment – clippers / scissors, so I would prefer if you returned at the end of their groom, be reassured I am taking good care of your dog. If you return early or I am completing the groom PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUT TO YOUR PET, please take a seat in the waiting area. I need to safely complete your groom.